Morley Senior High School has been participating in the Solar Car challenge for over 20 years.

This program allows talented students to create and build a model car out of materials usually found in hardware stores. The car is then powered by an electric motor and solar panels. There are also state and national competitions that are being held annually which Morley prides itself for having a proud history of high achievements in those competitions.  The aim of this program is to allow students to apply the knowledge they learned at school into real life practise, such as STEM. It also teaches students the skills that are necessary in building a model solar car. These can include: engineering, electronics and problem-solving skills. More importantly, this program exposes students to renewable technology and better prepare them for jobs of the future.

By encouraging students to socialise, this program builds a good foundation in communication for every students who participated.

Students have a chance to apply their knowledge in Physics but also learn how to use technical equipment and the value of time management. Student’s learn how to operate as a team member under pressure in the state Model Solar Car races competing against other schools from around the state in October.

The Model Solar Car Challenge will be carried on for many years to come as it is a valuable extra-curricular activity for all students who are interested in STEM regardless of their background knowledge.

Mr Marbeck

Model Solar Car Co-ordinator