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Studying at Year 11 and 12 level requires a significant commitment from students and Morley SHS offers the following study pathways:

• University Pathway Program (University)
• General and/or Vocational Pathway Program (Non-University – including TAFE, Training, Apprenticeships and Employment).

All students study six (6) courses in Year 11 and six (6) in Year 12. Once a student has commenced their program of study, course changes are discouraged and all Year 12 students are therefore expected to continue the courses commenced in Year 11.

University or ATAR Pathway Courses

It is recommended that students aiming for university entrance study a minimum of five ATAR courses in Year 11 and the corresponding five ATAR courses in Year 12.
ATAR courses are externally examined and attract 50% of the final mark from an external examination in Year 12 and 50% from the school assessments.

General or Non-University Pathway Courses

These courses are completely assessed by the school and do not contribute towards university entry. It is highly recommended that students study all the selected courses over a two year period to maximise their graduation prospects.

Certificate Courses – WPL

ADWPL – Workplace Learning is an endorsed program developed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) to provide WACE recognition for students undertaking work-based activities.
Workplace learning enables schools and industry to work together to provide opportunities for students in Years 10, 11 and 12 to prepare for the workplace.
Through participation in a workplace learning program, students can develop and demonstrate increasing competence in the core skills for work, often referred to as generic, transferable or employability skills.
The School Curriculum and Standards Authority has developed a Workplace Learning program, which is managed by individual schools.
Morley Senior High School students are required to attend 3 one-week blocks, occurring in Term 2 and 3. Workplace absences are recovered by completing additional catch-up hours during Term 4 if necessary.

ADWPL promotes WACE achievement
Students who successfully complete this program can count it as the equivalent of one unit towards their 20 units required to achieve the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).

To complete this program, a student must:

• work at least 55 hours in a real workplace
• complete a logbook
• complete a skills journal

The program may be repeated, and count towards a student’s WACE for up to the equivalent of four course units.

Benefits to students include:

• developing first-hand experience in a real workplace in preparation for the transition from school to work
• developing competence in the core skills for work
• enhancing an understanding of the link between school studies and work
• developing career pathways that help students decide if a particular industry or job is right for them.

Morley Senior High School provides its students with a work readiness and induction program which students must complete prior to commencing their placement in a real workplace.
Students are required to source their own host-employer as part of their work-readiness assessment.