Mobile Phone Policy

Click on the following link Morley Senior High School Student Mobile Phones in School Policy

I ask that you read the policy and also take the time to discuss it with your child/ren. The successful implementation of the policy really is reliant on a cooperative approach by both school staff and families. Please also remember that the school is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of valuables (including mobile phones) brought to school.

School Uniform Policy

The dress code enhances School Identity and Spirit and is recognised in the wider community.

Upper Body Dress Code

MSHS logo polo shirts with collar – white or navy

MSHS logo shirts (Male) / MSHS logo fitted blouse (female) – white

Head Scarves (Religious) must be plain royal blue or plain white

Lower Body Dress Code

Trousers, shorts, skirts – plain coloured navy (NO denim, stripes, patterns or company logos)

Sport Dress Code

MSHS logo PE shirts with no collar – navy or red

Plain white t-shirt

Unisex PE shorts


Closed-in shoes or trainers – in good order

Body Adornment

Earrings must be small and safe.  This applies to all forms of jewellery and accessories.  All earrings must be removed for contact sports.