School Internet


Internet access is expensive and has been provided to assist students’ education. Students must use it only with permission, and not in any unauthorised way.


Ultimately, it is the responsibility of individual students to ensure their behaviour does not contravene school rules or rules imposed by parents/guardians. The school is aware that definitions of “offensive” and “inappropriate” will vary considerably between cultures and individuals. The school is also aware that no security system is perfect and that there is always the possibility of inappropriate material, intentionally and unintentionally, is obtained and displayed.

Students must not deliberately enter or remain on any site that has any of the following content:

  1. Nudity, obscene language or discussion intended to provoke a sexual response
  2. Violence
  3. Information about committing any crime
  4. Information about making or using weapons, booby traps, dangerous practical jokes or “revenge” activities

Students must:

  1. Follow school guidelines and procedures when preparing materials for publication on the web.
  2. Do not use material from other websites unless they have permission from the person who created the material. If unsure, they should check with their teacher.
  3. Not access any other material their parents or guardians have forbidden them to see. If students encounter any such site, they must immediately turn off their personal computers and notify a teacher. They should not show the site to their friends first.