Morley Senior High School – Vision

Morley SHS is committed to embracing diversity, catering for the needs of all students and to celebrating the achievement of personal best.

Morley Senior High School – Values

The key values that underpin our vision are:

  • CARE

Morley Senior High School is a culturally rich and vibrant community. The combined leadership of school administrators, the school board and elected student leaders, have made significant contributions to this culture and to the spirit of community service that is shared by all at the school. We are proud of our diverse population and we consider ourselves a global community. Together we strive to ensure that difference equates to strength and we constantly work to support others at a local, national and international level.

Education at Morley Senior High School is seen as a partnership between staff, parents and students. The school environment is designed to encourage students to realise their potential in academic and vocational pursuits; social development; and participation in sporting activities are also an important part of school life. The school prides itself on providing a caring environment which caters for each person as an individual.

The school is equipped with facilities that support a broad range of learning programs, including our specialist areas of Multimedia and Television Broadcasting and Aviation. Morley Senior High School has also designed and developed its own Language Centre, purpose built to support the literacy needs of our international students. We offer a broad range of ATAR, General and Certificate II and III courses, which cater for the needs of all of our students. We provide a stimulating and rewarding experience for all students over a broad spectrum of activities, designed to suit both the academically talented and those who choose a vocational pathway.