Dianella Secondary College (DSC) hosted an amazing Follow the Dream Careers Afternoon on the 3rd of November, called the Koolangka Bidi (Children Path) for all the schools in our Follow the Dream Program (DSC, Hampton SHS, Kiara College and Morley SHS). Karalee Blake, the FTD Teacher in Charge at DSC, organised a fantastic array of booths from Aboriginal owned, managed and lead businesses from across WA. Larger businesses were also there like Rio Tinto and Western Power, who sent some of their Aboriginal employees (some of whom are FTD Alumni) to have a yarn with our FTD students about their future pathways. Families of the FTD students were welcome and encouraged to attend the event, and it was great to see so many of them there facilitating the engagement with their children and the businesses. During the event FTD students were tasked with identifying at least three companies or pathways they were interested in finding more information on going forward. These results from the students will guide our 2023 FTD planning for worksite visits and industry incursions. Thank you very much to; Karalee Blake for her brilliant event organisation, all the businesses that attended and all the FTD family members who could be there.
Thanks to Ms Blay, Morley SHS, for clocking off later than usual to be supervising teacher for this excursion.
Brant Bibby
Follow the Dream – Program Coordinator