Morley SHS recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of our friendship with Akashi School in Hyogo prefecture in Japan. It was also the first visit since the onset of COVID19. 15 students and 2 teachers from Akashi visited from the 31st July to the 6th August. The students stayed with host families from the school during the week and then participated in a camp at the weekend. The visitors enjoyed a week of varied activities which culminated in a farewell ceremony at which commemorative gifts were exchanged and talents for dancing, singing and karate were demonstrated.

Morley Senior High School would like sincerely to thank the parents and students of the host families for their support of the program. Welcoming a young person into your home for a week is exceptionally generous in times like this and in a post-covid era. But the visit could not have happened without this support from our community.
The teachers would also like to thank the student hosts for their warmth and kindness towards the Akashi students and teachers. These students are wonderful ambassadors for the school and the community and a positive refection of the best that young adults can be. Again, the visit could not have happened without them stepping up and into this role.
Last, but not least, thanks also go to all the school staff who contributed to the week’s program in a variety of very different ways, before, during and after all the events.

Well done everyone.