2024 Chinese New Year started off with multiple activities across the school. To kick start the Year of Dragon celebration, the Languages Department organised various activities involving the whole school community.
The Year 7 Chinese classes were introduced to the “Peking Opera” which symbolised a long tradition for ancient Chinese to perform the opera for 15 days of Chinese New Year. These classes made opera mask as part of their cultural activities.
The Year 8 Chinese classes collaboratively designed and made Chinese lanterns to showcase the Chinese New Year spirit. These classes enjoyed the process of cultural understanding and hands on involvement.
The Year 9 Chinese classes assisted in the Chinese New Year week activities by setting up and packing away the activities.
The Certificate II in Applied Languages (Chinese) – Year 10 students organised Chinese cookie games which is a common community game during Chinese New Year. They also shared lollies as part of the “sweet tradition” during Chinese New Year as a symbol of sweet (good words) and stickiness (family unity) in the Chinese culture.
This major celebration in the Chinese cultural tradition was thoroughly experienced and enjoyed by the Chinese classes throughout the 15 days of Chinese New Year.