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Course Outline

The Certificate II in Engineering is a practical course that will further develop a student’s knowledge and skills in the manufacture and fabrication of projects using techniques such as arc welding, brazing, soldering and oxy acetylene welding. Students will also further develop design, machining and assembly skills using a range of production techniques and equipment relating to metalwork.

This course offers a focused pathway to an apprenticeship within the engineering industry.  This training program is based on a nationally endorsed training package and is recognised anywhere in Australia. The qualification is designed to reflect an entry role into the industry and industry standard safety clothing and footwear therefore is expected of all students.

The course prepares students to perform routine tasks under direct supervision and the qualification will be delivered over two years and the following units of competence must all be achieved.

MEM13014A             Apply principles of occupational health and safety in the work environment

MEMPE005A            Develop a career plan for the engineering and manufacturing industry

MSAENV272B          Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

MEMPE006A            Undertake a basic engineering project

MEM18001C             Use hand tools

MEMPE004A            Use fabrication equipment

MEMPE001A            Use engineering workshop machines

MEMPE003A            Use oxy-acetylene and soldering equipment

MEM16008A             Interact with computing technology

MEMPE002A            Use electric welding machines

MEM18002B             Use power tools/hand held operations

MSAPMSUP106A    Work in a team


Minimum Entrance Requirements


Further Study

Year 12 – Continuation of Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation (AUR20716)

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