Estimated Cost: $90

Predicted cost for 2022

Course Outline

The Food Science and Technology General course provides opportunities for students to explore and develop food-related interests and skills. Food impacts on every aspect of daily life and is essential for maintaining overall health and wellbeing. Students organise, implement and manage

production processes in a range of food environments and understand systems that regulate food availability, safety and quality. Knowledge of the sensory, physical, chemical and functional properties of food is applied in practical situations. Students investigate the food supply chain and value-adding techniques applied to food to meet consumer and producer requirements. Principles

of dietary planning, adapting recipes, and processing techniques, are considered for specific nutritional needs of demographic groups. Occupational safety and health requirements, safe food handling practices, and a variety of processing techniques, are implemented to produce safe, quality food products. This course may enhance employability and career opportunities in areas that include nutrition, health, food and beverage manufacturing, food processing, community services, hospitality and retail.

Minimum Entrance Requirements

Completion of YEar 10

Further Study

Year 12 Food Science adn Technology General – (GTFST)

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