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Course Outline

The EAL/D courses are designed for students who speak another language or dialect as their first or ‘home’ language. EAL/D focuses on development of the competent use of Standard Australian

English (SAE) in a range of contexts. The EAL/D ATAR course develops academic English skills to prepare students for tertiary study.

The concepts studied in this course are complex and require depth of understanding and hard work. This is an ATAR course, however, it is recognised that students who have English as an additional

language typically develop oral language skills more rapidly than written language skills and the assessments in this course reflect this fact.  Assessments include a high percentage of listening and

speaking tasks. Students who have good oral skills and understanding will benefit greatly from this approach.

Minimum Entrance Requirements

Eligibility for enrolment in English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EALD)


Students who speak English as an additional language may apply for an EALD course in Year 11. To enroll, students must fit the eligibility criteria which includes:

  1. living in Australia (or another English-speaking country) for six years or less at the time of year 11
  2. previous schooling outside of Australia was predominately in a language other than English
  3. proficiency of level 2 or 3 on OLNA Reading and Writing exams and a minimum of a C grade in year 10 English

In year 11, students must complete the online eligibility forms for the School Curriculum and Standards Authority including official documents confirming arrival in Australia and previous school reports from both Australia and abroad.

The EAL/D course will be available to a student in Year 12:


  • whose first language is not English and who has not been living in Australia or another predominantly English speaking country in the past seven years


  • who is Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, or from Cocos Island or Christmas Island, for whom Standard Australian English has been the medium of instruction, but for whom it is an additional language or dialect


  • who is deaf or hard-of-hearing and communicates using signing, such as Auslan, as their first language.


  • whose first language is not English and who was born outside Australia with little or no formal education prior to arriving in Australia. .(Note, for students in this category with a refugee status, the seven years of living in Australia may not be applicable)


  • whose first language is not English and who was born in a remote area of Australia where their education was disrupted.

NOTE: If there are any questions regarding eligibility, please see the English HOLA or EAL/D coordinator to clarify prior to enrolment in the course

Further Study

Year 12 English as an additional Language ATAR (ATELD)

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