Estimated Cost: $100

Cost predicted for 2022

Course Outline

In the General Design courses students develop skills and processes for current and future industry employment markets.  Students are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to understand design principles and processes, analyse problems and devise innovative strategies through projects.  Students focus on either the Graphics or Photography context.  Graphics relies more heavily on drawing skills and illustrative designs to realise a final design solution. The photography context allows students to realise their design solution through the use of photographing their ideas (Students are taught how to use the DSLR camera and the product and portrait studios).

Both contexts utilise Adobe programs to produce final effective digital design solutions. Students follow a design process to explore creative solutions in project based tasks that adhere to an assignment brief.  The General Design courses are practical and allow many opportunities for students to create designs.  In the past students have created the Morley SHS yearbook cover, advertisements, cultural portraits, posters, banners, logos, self-portraits, book covers and more. Student are able to study one context but not both as the course content is identical with different projects targeted to demonstrate design skills and concepts in the focus area.

Minimum Entrance Requirements

Completion of Arts course in Year 10

Further Study

Year 12 Design Photography General (GTDESP)

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