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Course Outline

The construction industry employs over one million people in Australia and is comprised of a diverse range of trades and professional career pathways.

Training in a Certificate II in Construction provides students with an introduction into the construction industry, its culture, occupations, job roles and workplace expectations. The qualification is built around several construction projects that integrate the skills of bricklaying, carpentry, concreting and using tools and materials safely. Industry standard safety clothing and footwear therefore is expected of all students.

 Students will have to demonstrate competency in each of the units listed below to be awarded

the CPC 20211 Certificate II in Construction:


CPCCCM1012A                  Work effectively and sustainably in the construction industry.

COCCOHS1013A                Plan and organise work.

CPCCCM1015A                  Carry out measurements and calculations.

CPCCCM1014A                  Conduct workplace communication.

CPCCCM2001A                  Read and interpret plans and specifications.

CPCCOHS2001A                Apply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction


CPCCBL2001A                    Handle and prepare bricklaying and block laying materials.

CPCCBL2002A                    Use bricklaying and block laying tools and equipment.

CPCCCA2002A                   Use carpentry tools and equipment.

CPCCCA2001A                   Handle carpentry materials.

CPCCCO2013A                   Carry out concreting in simple forms.

CPCCCM2006A                  Apply basic leveling procedures.


Training for this qualification is suitable for vocationally orientated learners as well as learners with no previous connection with the construction industry.

Minimum Entrance Requirements


Further Study

Year 12 – Continuation of Certificate II in Construction Pathways (CPC2211)

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