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Predicted cost for 2022

Course Outline

Morley SHS is excited to offer for 2022 the nationally recognised BSB30120 Certificate III in Business which will give you a great introduction to the business world.


We have put together an exciting learning pathway to prepare you for a successful career in a variety of business environments. Together with our learning activities, you’ll be immersed into a variety of simulated environments and navigate through activities designed to get you practising on-the-job performance. You will also build your employability skills such as working in n a team, problem solving, communication and project management.

This is a two-year course and will be delivered over Years 11 and 12 covering thirteen units.


  • Continuous Assessment
  • Competency Based (the units of competency are assessed as they are achieved)
  • No Exam



BSBWGS311            Assist with maintaining workplace safety

BSBCRT311             Apply critical thinking skills in a team environment

BSBTWK301            Use inclusive work practices

BSBXCM301            Engage in workplace communication

BSBFEF201             Support personal wellbeing in the workplace

BSBSUS211             Participate in sustainable work practices



BSBTEC302             Design and produce spreadsheets

BSBTEC303             Create electronic presentations

BSBPEF301             Organise personal work priorities

BSBINS302              Organise workplace information

BSBTEC201             Use business software applications

BSBTEC202             Use digital technologies to communication in a work environment

BSBTEC301             Design and produce business documents


Minimum Entrance Requirements

Continuation of Certificate in Business Cert III

Further Study

Year 12 – Continuation of Certificate III in Business(30120)

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