On the 15th of October 2021, Morley Leos attended the 56th Lions Club Convention (Swan Valley Convention) at Dayton Community Centre. The Leos were represented by Callum, Shahin, Debbie, Hamza, Sandy, Nancy, Angad, Samantha and Nelissa, accompanied by Mr Gerard Richardson, Mr Norman Paini and Bradley Rickert-O’Shea. The opening ceremony began with the traditional flag bearing ceremony of Lions Club, Leos Club and countries in this zone, namely Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. The US flag was also taken in procession as it is the headquarters of Lions Club International.

Callum read the Leos motto and later on Mr Richardson, Leos Advisor and Coordinator, presented a showcase on the activities of the Morley Leos and the various initiatives in serving the community. There was much appreciation from the Lions on the manner in which the Leo motto of Leadership, Experience and Opportunity were linked with Morley Senior High School’s core values of Care and Compassion. Overall, this was a great experience for us Leos to know what it is to be part of a larger organisation, the Lions Club International.