Contributions and Charges

Voluntary contributions, compulsory charges and approved requests paid by parents and guardians are used to purchase text books, materials and other resources used by students in their everyday classes.

All contributions and charges assist in providing an education program that meets the requirements of the curriculum and comply with the guidelines issued by the Department of Education and the Education Act.
The school is appreciative of the financial support given by parents and guardians which enables staff to continue to offer quality educational programs. Below are links to the 2020 Contributions and Charges for Morley Senior High School students.

Contributions and Charges Years 7 – 10
Contributions and Charges Years 11 & 12

Voluntary Approved Requests
Extra Optional Charges



Student’s stationery and other personal items that enable students to participate in classes on a daily bases are now available for 2020.  Our provider Campion Education can provide families a convenient solution with online ordering.  You may also source these items from any supplier.


Government Assistance 

The State Government, through the Department of Education provides financial support to eligible parents through the Secondary Assistance Scheme (SAS).  The aim of this scheme is to assist low income families with secondary schooling costs.



Morley Senior High School’s Uniform Shop is run by a private company.  The school’s uniform policy was developed by the School Board in accordance with Department of Education policy and guidelines on dress standards for students in public schools.  The wearing of the school uniform is supported strongly by the Morley community and is a symbol of pride in the school.  There is an expectation that students will comply with the dress requirements.


Uniform can be purchased from:

Uniform Concepts 832 Beaufort Street INGLEWOOD

Phone: 9270 4658


Opening Times:

Every Week day:  9am-5pm

Thursday:  9am-6pm

Saturdays:  9am-1pm


Order online: – simply visit


Sustainable School Shop

Parents may wish to acquire second hand books and uniform using our Sustainable School Shop

This sustainable initiative is free to parents thanks to Morley SHS Parents and Community Association.